Every person can remember certain events throughout their life that have changed it in some way. The day I found out that I had Eosinophilic Esophagitis and multiple food allergies shook me to my core. After six months of many misdiagnoses and emergency room visits, I finally had answers, though they weren’t positive. Instead of sulking about not being able to eat my favorite foods, along with having to take multiple medications, I took charge. I immediately went to the library and checked out every food allergy cookbook available and researched this strange, new condition. It gave me a purpose and drive I had been searching for. I wanted to know more, and I wanted to help those who had similar issues. I started a blog with recipes and information tracking my new discoveries. Though this was one of the worst moments of my life, it was also one of my best. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my future. This moment started my interest in nutrition. My diet changed from junk food to fruit and vegetables because I couldn’t eat anything I used to. I had never felt better, and I wanted others to feel as great as I did. Since then, I am symptom free and spreading my passion for nutrition.

If you want to contact me for any reason, do it! You can contact me through here or email me at mnstegall@gmail.com.

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